Our Mission and Vision

  1. Understand the field of e-safety for children and young people through desktop survey research that will pinpoint areas of focus & address specific targets through education & awareness.
  2. Bring together different countries across the Africa region to share research results, areas of concern, knowledge and experience.
  3. Maintain an on-going community practice across the Africa region for a focused capacity building, through a multi stakeholder approach.
  4. Initiate and pinpoint local educations & awareness projects to support their implementation, with the view to building capacity and share best practice and assist a localised strategy to emerge.
  5. Create a hub and centre of excellence; show case of resource repository and best practice, a regional multistakholder e-safety convener and lobbying for children’s right.

Our proposition

ACOPEA has so far been working with various stakeholders, facebook, ITU, European school net as well as governments such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Gabon & Chad in view of accelerating the education and awareness response to empower children and young people across Africa.

ACOPEA have developed strategies with governments and stakeholders to enable implementation of concrete education response.